They are mainly used as a source of main lighting. The usage of downlights allows the most equal light distribution over interior space compared to other types of lighting fixtures.

The main purpose of a downlight fixture is a collection and redistribution of luminous flux from the lights source (lamps) in a required direction. There exist certain strict requirements for a geometry and optical qualities of a downlight body, reflector and diffuser

  • The lamp socket of a downlight fixture is always fixed so that the lamp is located in a strictly defined place within a downlight reflector, and even marginal deviations in a socket position lead to a substantially worse light distribution of the fixture.

  • The geometry of a downlight reflector must fit precisely the precalculated lighting model, and all kind of deviations of a manufacturing technology have similar negative impact on the quality of the fixture.

  • From the point of reflecting ability, optical qualities of downlight reflectors must correspond with demands for specific reflector classes (A, B or C) and must provide the lighting distribution diagram stated in the techical documentation of a downlight fixture


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